Thursday, March 29, 2012

What a lovely way to start my day

Yesterday, I started my day by meeting a great soul, a great crafter and a fabulous teacher ~ Ms. Paru Mahtani. She was so welcoming and kept sharing tips on various stuff that I could teach kids at my end. (I love teaching kids and so I started a small venture called Different strokes Children Activity Hub where I have little workshops on week ends ~ not all though. Please excuse the pictures as I am in the learning process of clicking better ones).

Paru then showed me her collection of books. She got out some of them and recommended that I should look around for those and buy them. I ordered 2 of them online on the minute I could log onto my computer and guess what, I had one of them delivered earlier today morning.

Paru showing me some flowers
She started talking about punches. She opened a drawer to show me her collection and I was totally amazed at the same. Then she opened another drawer and then another - WOW - what a collection. She immediately removed couple of punches and showed me some flowers from them. Paru, love you, God bless you. Its so nice to meet such pure and great people.

Cheers till the next blog,

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