Friday, March 30, 2012

My daughter ~My star

Jef Embossers
Jef Embossers
My daughter has probably taken up from me but she is a quick learner and gets more creative. The other day, I saw a set of jef embossers on A 1 Craft page and I just wanted to get that for her.

My daughter's creation
The punched flower is embossed and the
punched heart is embossed and coloured.
My daughter got excited and she started embossing every paper that she saw. I just happened to mention to her that she should mix the emboss with the punch. She ended up making a card and then the next day used the heart punch, embossed it and then used Q-tips and ink to give it a touch of colour.

Cheers till the next blog,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

What a lovely way to start my day

Yesterday, I started my day by meeting a great soul, a great crafter and a fabulous teacher ~ Ms. Paru Mahtani. She was so welcoming and kept sharing tips on various stuff that I could teach kids at my end. (I love teaching kids and so I started a small venture called Different strokes Children Activity Hub where I have little workshops on week ends ~ not all though. Please excuse the pictures as I am in the learning process of clicking better ones).

Paru then showed me her collection of books. She got out some of them and recommended that I should look around for those and buy them. I ordered 2 of them online on the minute I could log onto my computer and guess what, I had one of them delivered earlier today morning.

Paru showing me some flowers
She started talking about punches. She opened a drawer to show me her collection and I was totally amazed at the same. Then she opened another drawer and then another - WOW - what a collection. She immediately removed couple of punches and showed me some flowers from them. Paru, love you, God bless you. Its so nice to meet such pure and great people.

Cheers till the next blog,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A story to tell

My first scrap book layout
Vaibhavi had asked me to carry few of the pictures that I would like to work with. I carried my daughter's pictures. We were so excited that we wanted to complete all the 3 workshops that very day. We sat through till 2 in the night but the result was mind  blowing, absolutely satisfactory.

My second scrapbook layout - have to add a photo still

I got up in the morning and I wanted to make another scrap book page. I was totally excited. I had carried with me my brother's old pictures (when he was a kid).

Card for my brother
Vaibhavi was so sweet and we both sat and worked on them and we also made a nice card co-ordinating with the scrapbook pages made for my brother. I am waiting to present these to my brother. I am sure, he will be surprised.

Bold and beautiful

Flowers made just using 2 types of punches

After a wonderful stampalicious workshop, Vaibhavi showed me what a simple circle and scallop punch could do - the lovely flowers that I could make. Also, had a hands-on session with the Sizzix machine.
My Sizzix project

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Simply Stampalicious

That's me practising the right way to stamp
Stampalicious- that's what Vaibhavi of Scrapkorner called the first workshop that I did with her. Vaibhavi taught me the right way to stamp, how to ink my stamps, and take care of my stamps. The experience was absolutely stampalicious.

My stampalicious project
We then made a project. We worked on my daughter's picture (I think she was around 3 years when this picture was clicked) but yes definitely it was the first salwar kameez that she wore. :) And voila here's my first project. We used the butterflies that I had stamped earlier. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Scrapbooking took me to Pune

I wanted to know more about scrapbooking, the right way of stamping and all the intricate things about this wonderful art. And I found help. I found Vaibhavi's blog - Scrapkorner and immediately booked myself for 3 workshops. Went to Pune over the weekend with my daughter who had just finished her exams the previous day. Will write more on each workshop in the next few blogs.
My daughter enjoying the bus ride to Pune

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My first card

I was so excited. I wanted to create by using stamps. And there was a digi stamp available on line by Varna's creation and I jumped with joy. I thought - let me try making a simple card. Jovita had sent me some beautiful die-cuts and below is the link to my first ever card. Thanks Varshitha for the encouragement. Here I am writing my first blog.