Friday, March 30, 2012

My daughter ~My star

Jef Embossers
Jef Embossers
My daughter has probably taken up from me but she is a quick learner and gets more creative. The other day, I saw a set of jef embossers on A 1 Craft page and I just wanted to get that for her.

My daughter's creation
The punched flower is embossed and the
punched heart is embossed and coloured.
My daughter got excited and she started embossing every paper that she saw. I just happened to mention to her that she should mix the emboss with the punch. She ended up making a card and then the next day used the heart punch, embossed it and then used Q-tips and ink to give it a touch of colour.

Cheers till the next blog,


  1. Very creative. Love the way how ur daughter used the embosser.


  2. Hi Seema,

    I have an award waiting for you on my blog -

    Do take a look :)