Saturday, March 3, 2012

I was so excited. I wanted to create by using stamps. And there was a digi stamp available on line by Varna's creation and I jumped with joy. I thought - let me try making a simple card. Jovita had sent me some beautiful die-cuts and below is the link to my first ever card. Thanks Varshitha for the encouragement. Here I am writing my first blog.


  1. Hey Seema

    Welcome to blogland... I am sure u gonna have lots of fun....

    Do upload a pic of the card in this post too...


  2. Hey Seema,

    Commenting is always a problem to me.... as I am always logged into my mail & cannot log in on blogspot.... & not everyone has the anonymous thing active..... which is certainly good but that is how it is with me.... :(

    Hence please do not think otherwise if u do not see me around very often....

    I am really really happy for you & BLOG is a gr8 gr9 way to flaunt your works & share them the way u want to.... IT GIVES U THE FREEDOM OF PRESS!!!!

    Wishes & Hugs)))

    Ash... :)

  3. Hey Seema congrats on your first post..I hope you will enjoy this journey..its a fun and exciting adventure!!
    I could not find you email to reply to your question about the cut-n-tuc templates..could you email me on Tejal2210 (AT) gmail (DOT) I can guide tell me where you're based in mumbai!

  4. it was wonderful to meet you today seema! Let's meet up again soon!